The I Between Me: Offstage - A Memoir by Aaron Lavelle; 

Spiritual Actualization I Am Who God Says I Am

In God We Trust: Album by Aaron Lavelle


Aaron Lavelle bares all in the new memoir The I Between Me: Offstage. From the age of 7-14 years old, he was sexually assaulted by several relatives, one male, and three female cousins.


In this autobiography, the author uncovers the effects of incest and unresolved childhood trauma which led him down a path of destruction and course of rebellion.


Being a runaway at the age of sixteen years old, living as a transgender woman for several years. Until finding the Spirit of truth through these the love of Jesus Christ.


He discovers God's unfailing love and compassion for the truth about his life according to God's perfect will. I am who God says I am. A story of spiritual actualization and finding your identity in Christ and purpose in God. 




Aaron Lavelle - Album/Book (Set)

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